Quality Education, Regardless of Zip Code

It is unfortunately common, particularly in urban and suburban districts, for education quality to vary dependent upon neighborhood. I recently met with an administrator in Maryland facing that struggle.

Lack of funding is commonly cited as the source for failure to keep up with other schools. This administrator, however, has answered these gaps with ingenuity. By forming partnerships with corporate and university sponsors, the school now hosts an abundance of extra-curricular activities and a dynamic support team. To address gaps in guidance counselling, the school has sought help from local psychiatric professionals to donate time and help these kids with whatever issues they may be facing.

The admin brimmed over with joy as this was explained to me; and deservedly so. All children deserve quality education. Making that a reality takes a lot of hard work, dedication and sometimes simply asking for help from the community. Any educators or admins who have faced such issues are more than welcome to share their comments here. We’d love your feedback and to hear answers you, your school, or your district have come up with to ensure that no child feels they’re not getting the best available to them. What have your experiences been?

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