A Notable Nonprofit: Minnesota Early Learning Academy

“The mission of the Minnesota Early Learning Academy is to serve children and their families in urban communities by providing a high quality learning environment that accelerates achievement, performance and college preparedness through careful analysis of student needs and effective use of data to personalize and monitor student learning. We are managed by Distinctive Schools, a non-profit that consistently produces a year and a half of student grown for a year of instruction in all the schools they manage. We opened our doors in August and have 150 eager and excited learners in K-2 grades. We will add a grade each year until we are a K-5 campus. Our diverse student population is representative of the changing demographics in the cities. We are not only focused on setting a high bar for academic achievement, we believe that instruction should be both challenging and respectful of where each child. We employ 21st century tools, a blended learning environment and individualize and personalize instruction. As a public charter school, we are financially supported by the dollars that are assigned to each student that attends our school. However, we have a longer instructional day and year, requiring additional support. We also contract with high quality external resources to bring our students a rich experience. The MacPhail School of Music is one wonderful example. Those special services make a huge impact on our leaners but require additional financial support.”

If you would like to contribute towards their growth: the link for donations is here.

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