Union President, Randi Weingarten, Defends Hillary Clinton on Charter Schools

Original NYT Article

Ideally, the charter system should not have to be serving the role that it has unfortunately taken in education: as competition to wholly-public schools. Each and every school should be driven to provide quality education to all, especially to underserved and underperforming students; typically public schools have fallen short of performing this essential service though.

The acts of corruption witnessed in certain charter schools are unforgiveable for the individuals who were involved. However, those actions and some of the undesirable effects the charter system hosts shouldn’t define charters as a whole. It’s easier to place blame on the system, rather than taking the time to analyze the problem schools and executives. The charter system is undeserving of such blanketed statements; and it’s shortsighted to fail acknowledging the valuable role that they play in reaching out to those students who would typically be left behind in public education (particularly true in large cities). Charter schools provide opportunities to leave the education-opportunity by the economically-disenfranchised of this country.

A more viable, and sustainable approach would be to look towards implementing measures that force greater transparency.

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