The Power of Apology

In a simple, but powerful message; this blog post from EdWeek explores the power that educators have over young minds. It makes a good point, that teachers are human; and therefore, inherently imperfect. Mistakes are made, rough days are had, and on occasion an off-the-cuff comment towards a student may slip.

We’ve all been there, educators or not, that moment when we say something harsh or crude. The key to properly resolving such an outburst is the same in any work environment: a genuine apology, an acknowledgement that comments or actions made were in poor taste.

This proves particularly crucial with students. Regardless of outward appearances of students based on their attitudes; they generally look up to educators as role-models. And as much as a harsh comment can result in a lasting sting, the sign of humility and an ability to make amends for wrongs done will make for a much stronger lasting impression for the positive.

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