How Tech Start Ups May Change Education As We Know It

This enlightening article explores in detail how tech start ups hold the potential to revolutionize education. The traditional classroom environment comes with limitations; educators are usually stuck with a set curriculum that needs to be covered within a specific time-frame. Furthermore, the student-to-teacher ratio makes individualized learning nearly impossible. While teachers undoubtedly do their best to make sure every child understands the content, they cannot dedicate excess time while the rest of the class suffers. Similarly, students ahead of the curriculum cannot be given special time to cover more advanced concepts.

By utilizing digital mentoring, we can overcome these obstacles of traditional ed; and therefore offer a truly tailored experience for each child. Imagine if you will, a learning environment where curriculum was developed based upon each child’s current progress, strengths and weaknesses. And attention was given to them upon a one-to-one basis. While this does currently exist, it’s primarily in a testing stage. The results so far are promising: dramatically increased testing scores from the student participants.

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