Teacher/Academic Arrogance or?

Check out Jay M’s OpEd in Washington Post. When it comes to high school kids demonstrating mastery of a course or unit of study, come on now…

No one thinks we should foster cheating, but don’t we know enough about varying forms of demonstrating mastery?! It doesn’t have to always be answering questions on a teacher- or company-made test. Especially in the case of recovered drop outs and those who have a testing phobia we know about portfolios, project-based outcomes, etc.

Jay’s work is often spot-on. This piece needs a retraction. We can do better in the assessment of kids’ learning and demonstration of mastery.


5 Comments on “Teacher/Academic Arrogance or?

  1. Why do you say that “this piece needs a retraction”? Please explain.

    • It seems that Jay only focused on kids not passing a teacher-made test as a wholesale failing of an academic accountability system for proving course content mastery. There are other (and often better) ways for proving mastery. I am a big fan of Jay’s WaPo work. But this piece does not cut it.

      • I think you are confusing traditional classes with online credit recovery programs. Jay’s piece deals exclusively with students receiving credit through online credit recovery courses, and those online courses are usually made by external/comercial companies like Edmentum/Plato, etc.

      • I’m tracking. Some of these “exams” are commercially produced. Some are teacher-made. And all of this does not take into account the legitimate alternatives to traditional tests–even for the virtual course students. Thx

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