Trump Rubbing off on MD Politicians?

Leadership’s most powerful weapon is perhaps MODELING. And Trump’s outrageous leadership behavior may be modeling/rubbing off on state and local politicians in MD and elsewhere.  See this Baltimore Sun piece for example (link below).

There was a school superintendent who did some very good work for kids in Baltimore County MD.  Along the way he is alleged to have made some missteps.  His missteps may undo much of his would-be legacy in Baltimore County, and maybe even cost him his career.  Allegations and indictments need legal proceedings to become final.  With this ripe opportunity, a few politicians (all running for election or re-election) now are piling on attempting  to appear that they are safeguarding their taxpayers–but really to seize HOT media reporting, and some flat-out story-telling in the Press–so pandering for votes.  Gov. Hogan’s may be the most outrageous per this article.

To MD politicians taking these cheap shots: Have some integrity.  And to the Baltimore Sun:  Don’t mar your otherwise good work by enabling and perpetuating these stunts.  You’re all better than this.   And please, don’t malign the hard, honest, and effective work of so many currently-serving educational leaders, long-tenured research & development efforts like the Education Research & Development Institute (ERDI) and others, along with numerous commercial providers of outstanding products and services just to win votes, sell newspapers, and other selfish pursuits.  It is the work of teachers and kids you ultimately hurt through this pandering, innuendo, and abject dishonesty.

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