Fair School Exams

In light of all the controversy around high-stakes tests, including Texas where there is a major uprising, I thought this cartoon might be instructive. Thank you Jeff Strickler for the piece!  In all seriousness, we should demand high stakes exams for all our kids, but they should measure growth, not static performance.  At minimum, we […]

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Flipping the Math Classroom-Lessons from Byron, MN

 In Byron, MN school district, teachers and leaders tackled a shift away from Math textbooks, wrote their own Math curriculum, and employed Flipped Math Classrooms, all in one swoop.  Largely driven by intense budgetary issues, Byron has found great success in their shifts. Flipping as you may know was borne out of shifts in corporate […]

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Parent Involvement and Teacher Satisfaction

In a previous blog post I reported the new survey figures for teacher satisfaction being down to 44% of teachers indicating they are “very satisfied” with the job (down from 59% in 2009).  Source was the 28th annual MetLife Survey of the American Teacher. What I did not report at that time was the degree […]

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Getting Students to Care About Producing High Quality Work

An overwhelming concern of teachers is getting their students to care enough about producing high quality work, this according to Damian Cooper.  Cooper’s suggestion is for teachers to ask themselves these 4 questions about the assigned work to facilitate the student’s concern for their own work. Do I ensure that all of the work I […]

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Removing the Obstacles to Professional Growth in Teacher Development

Insight – the ability to step back, reflect, and to think about what works and doesn’t work in all we’re doing – is crucial if we are going to make a genuine difference in the lives of our students.  Yet, despite the substantive training afforded to those entering the profession, little is done to prepare […]

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What is Coaching?

Multiple theories on coaching have evolved over the past thirty years, and – on the basis of all these theories – substantial numbers of coaching “models” have been designed, labeled, and implemented and refined. It’s important to note that virtually all interpersonal development process, designed for only once purpose: improvement through personal interaction and support. […]

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Power of Coaching—Teachers and Teaching is now available on

I am pleased to inform you that our new book—Power of Coaching—Teachers and Teaching has been released and is available on or through our website at . In our firm’s focus on teaching quality, we found it essential to delve into what teachers perceive they need to better support their continuous improvement in […]

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Power of Teaching Video Examples

Faculty members with Atlantic Research Partners and I along with the production experts at TeacherStudio (see ) are beginning to create the long-awaited video examples of effective uses of the teaching indicators that comprise Power of Teaching instruments. If you have special requests for which Power Sources we should focus on first, please let […]

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