Six Steps of Leadership

We educators can learn about courage in leadership from seasoned business executives.  This one is from G.J. Hart, CEO of California Pizza. In the context of sufficient courage, Hart believes there are six steps to leading others within an organization: 1.      as a leader/person, be the very best you can be 2.     […]

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Better Value Proposition for Middle Schoolers via Common Core

Have you seen what is required through the Common Core in Literacy in subjects such as Social Studies, Science, and Technical Courses for Middle Schoolers? 1.     Distinguishing among fact, opinion and reasoned judgment in a text. 2.     Supporting claims with logical reasoning and relevant, accurate data and evidence that demonstrate an understanding of a topic […]

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Education Spending on Common Core Implementation

Fordham Institute suggests that states adopting the Common Core State Standards will (collectively) spend around $1.2 billion on the transition. No argument that the Common Core State Standards will be good for our kids, our schools and our economic health (think, more kids ready for high wage jobs and college).  As I have stated before, […]

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Mathematics and shifting to the Common Core Standards

I hear little chatter on this topic as I travel from state to state. The silence is deafening, so I fear that our guard may be down when our sense of urgency needs to be up. Given that roughly 40% of the states are generally below or well below the Mathematics standards by which the […]

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The Role of Specials and Student Services Educators in College and Career Ready Focused Schools

A team of writers has assisted me in documenting some phenomenal work by a group of Music, Art, Physical Education, and other Specials teachers and staff on how their classroom work can best link to the work of core-content teachers.  Find a copy of the article at link: My congratulations and appreciation to these […]

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