Personalizing Blended Learning Benefits Student Learning and Engagement.

Leadership is important in blended learning. The critical role in-person teachers and mentors, not just monitors, play on students and the learning environment is paramount. As is the important role collecting data plays in responding to students learning needs for personalization. Schools must remain persistence while adapting and navigating the successful implementation of blended learning […]

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The Equity of Opportunity at School is a Civil Right

Common Core Standards and STEM movements, though a masterfully planned frameworks, fail to specifically address and focus on concerns of decreasing existing inequities and reengaging disconnected youth. Student and learning supports have long been marginalized in school improvement policy and practice.  This requires a specific focus on equity in school systems and districts. Current plans need to […]

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Zack Kopplin and Creationism in Public Schools

Zack Kopplin is a judicious young man who began speaking out against The Louisiana Science Education Act, a law that allows the teaching of Creationism in Louisiana public schools, like his, as part of his senior project. He is now a history major at Rice University and the biggest troll of his father’s friend and […]

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Drawing as a Professional Skill and Tool

Drawing is both a sophisticated means of thinking and communicating and an activity for all. Drawing is a central and pivotal for many artists and designers as a tool for creative exploration and informs visual discovery. Fundamentally, it enables the visualization and development of ideas and perceptions. Images transcend the barriers of language, enhancing communications […]

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McKinney, Texas and Socioeconomic Segregation

Racial and socioeconomic segregation at the civic level holds disadvantaged communities back. Unsurprisingly, in towns like McKinney, Texas where recently a viral video captured a racially motivated attack on a black teenager during a pool party by a police office who felt threatened because he perceived the group of kids, having supervised fun within the […]

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Inflated Graduation Rates?

An 81% graduation rate is impressive and much closer to the goal of 90% by 2020 than we were a few years ago. But how telling is that figure? Graduation rates are calculated in complex varying ways from school to school and state to state. Some practices are misleading, whether intentional or not it’s unclear. […]

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Obstacles in 21st Century Education

The most prevalent and nearly invisible obstacle that stands in the way of 21st century education are preconceptions about school, learning and life that can limit our ability to best serve children in the new millennium. They need a new education model for success. We’re at a point where our technological tools have become very sophisticated, […]

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English Language Learners and Graduation Rates

A new education model is needed for English Language Learners. Many of these students are born in the United States and as the future decision makers they require measured responses in an effort to better teach the English language at the very beginning of their journey through the education system. ELLs have a significant achievement […]

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Measuring Instruction Focused on Non-Cognitive Skills

The National Assessment of Educational Progress is incorporating measures to assess student non-cognitive skills starting in 2017. These skills (motivation, mindset and grit) help children to succeed both academically and socially. Already teachers report spending 10% of instruction time on non-cognitive skills. The NAEP plans to provide instrumentation that makes it clear which type instruction […]

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National Spelling Bee Champs!

Of 11 million spellers ages 9 to 15, two have tied for first place in the 88th Scripps-Howard National Spelling Bee. Gokul Venkatacham and Vanya Shivashankar have both previously competed in the national spelling bees. The winning words were nunatak (a hill surrounded by glacial ice), and scherenschnitte (the decorative art of paper cutting). Venkatachalam’s […]

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