CICS Patriots Campus and Distinctive Schools

Our Distinctive Schools team has been officially appointed as the new schools management organization for CICS Patriots in Rockford, IL.  Early visits to the Rockford campus and reciprocating visits by some Patriots staff  to our CICS campuses in Chicago reveal that the new addition to the Distinctive Schools network will be a great fit. Patriots […]

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Education Leaders Are We Behaving Like Washington?

When it comes to shaping education policy and practice, I fear we might be acting more like Washington lawmakers than we know.  Recently in a Bloomberg magazine article, former US Senator Gregg (R-NH) was quoted “No senator of one party expects the senator…of another party to relinquish his or her core beliefs.  It is not […]

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Race, Bias, and Learning

I was with a group of top educational leaders in Oregon yesterday.  (By the way, check out Oregon’s approach to moving to a robust system of PreK-20 education.  In Oregon, they have enacted some of the most sweeping changes to improve their schooling system than I know of in any other state.  Great executive branch, […]

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Stop Picking on Teachers-and we must!

Everyone knows the pitfalls of teacher evaluations, and I applaud the energy at the policy-level around improving the uses and outcomes of teacher evaluation.  Even so, we must make these changes in ways that do not leave teachers feeling demoralized and driven to leave the profession.  This is especially true of our successful teachers and […]

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