More on Learning from Neuroscientists-Children of the Code

In my previous post on our need to listen and learn from neuroscientists, I failed to provide the link I was after on some of Paula Tallal’s writings and lectures.  Dive into this link (scroll down) and you will find a trove of good material. For teachers engaged in Reading, and Writing with students (and we should all be) Dr. Tallal’s work helps to bring alive some of the teachings of more traditional Literacy experts.  In other respects, the work of Tallal corrects some fallacies about traditional teaching of Reading and Writing.

See what you think.  Link is as follows:

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Mathematics and Science Lesson Planning


Those who have responsibility to plan lessons or support teachers in lesson planning in Mathematics and Science, you must take a deep look at

Gooru Learning is free and something I heard a great deal about at the Idaho Superintendents meeting earlier this week.  To look deeply, ou must register (for free).

Amazing intellectual property and it is shareware–so free for your use and the taking.  Are they on to something at Gooru Learning?  If you have the chance, please let me know what you think!


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