Teaching Quality

Those close to me professionally know how much I dislike use of the term teacher quality.  It does not serve us well, and does nothing to help our kids and teachers accelerate their work.  It is NOT about the quality of the individual teacher himself, it is in-fact about his teaching quality that we must focus on.  Someone might say this is simply word-play.  Think about it more deeply and I’d bet you will see how one term sets us up for confrontation, and the other term sets us up for better focusing on the behaviors, not the person, and for providing better coaching and other supports to ratchet upward the quality of every teacher.

When we concluded more than 7 years of research behind Power of Teaching–the Science of the Art, we discerned the 44 most powerful teaching behaviors that affect quality of teaching and learning.  The attached video clip provides an explanation of the work and how our research team decided to place the behaviors into coaching categories.  For more information about Power of Teaching, contact NWEA professional development at

Here goes:

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