Textbooks and the Common Core Standards

For the August 8, 2012 edition of Education Week, Beverlee Jobrack penned an intriguing article, entitled Solving the Textbook-Common Core Conundrum. Link is: The piece is intriguing but does not go far enough in clarifying the work and the possibilities ahead. Here is where she missed: 1. Jobrack discusses better practices on textbook adoption. […]

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Improving Student Engagement Through Early Career Mapping

See the following from an Ed Week article. “When students discover their career interests, they often get more excited about school and can see the relevance of what they are learning.  Middle and high schools are increasingly requiring that counselors and teachers work with students to map out their college and career paths.  To engage […]

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Parents, School, and Technology

Good news!  From a review of several recent studies, it appears that parent-involvement in their child’s schooling is on an increase.  Along-side this, it also appears that attitudes about technology, devices, and uses for schooling are shifting. Some stats reported by Project Tomorrow included the following: 70% of parents (of high school students) were likely […]

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Oh yes, It’s a National Crisis-and the Media must help!

Some close to me will find it ironic and surprising that I would suggest reading something from The Florida Time Union, Jacksonville’s main newspaper. During my tenure as Jacksonville’s school superintendent, we enjoyed great support of primary partners, including the teachers’ union, the chamber of commerce, and philanthropic (and many other) leaders. These partners helped […]

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Who Evaluates E-Learning and Online Coursework?

Is it your job to evaluate E-Learning?  How about online learning, e-courses, and virtual schools? Teachers, I hope you said yes! Administrators, I hope you said yes! State departments of education, and local school boards, I hope you said yes! While so-called e-learning (Some call it online learning) is exciting and certainly necessary for us […]

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Can we all agree?!

A follow-up to my post of January 27, 2012 on high school drop-out eligibility age is as follows: Compulsory HS Attendance until age 18! Can we all agree that this is a necessary step to help us in the imperative to save the quality of education for all our high school students? Ed Week did a […]

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