Congratulations to Faculty, Staff, and Students at Estill High School

In South Carolina, a state with some of the highest academic standards in the country, Estill High School, part of the Hampton County (SC) School District 2 has achieved phenomenal improvements in the 2010 (over 2009) academic results.  Estill High School has been a successful user of Power of Teaching protocols and research. We at Atlantic Research Partners are pleased with and proud of our colleagues and their students at Estill High. See their results below:
ESTILL HIGH SCHOOL SPRING “first time test takers” HSAP RESULTS 2009-2010

YEAR                              ELA                       MATH               ELA & MATH
08-09                              56.5%                    32.1%                29%
09-10                               73%                       53%                   50.%
DIFFERENCE             +16.5%pts.             +20.9%pts.      +21%pts.
Source: South Carolina DOE

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