International and U.S. State Trends in Student Performance

Harvard has recently published a “must read” report on International and U.S. State Trends in Student Performance.  As we all know, there is catch-up to be done.  This report can be found in the Current News section of the Atlantic Research Partners website, and is in .pdf format when you get to the landing page. Link […]

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School Leaders-Ethics and Integrity Matter

Who would you classify as a school leader? The superintendent, the central office or network staff member, the school principal, board members?  Easy argument to cast each of these positions as leaders, eh?! What about teachers?  When thinking about parents, guardians and students, they certainly see teachers as leaders. So, in essence we are all […]

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Class Size! Do you think size matters?

Most well-informed education practitioners know the value of smaller class sizes.  Even without the research behind you, one can deduce how students in smaller groups can succeed with better chances than those in larger class sizes.  For decades the research has supported this logical thinking. Now that technology, new ways of instructional delivery, and new […]

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