Mathematics and Science Lesson Planning

Colleagues: Those who have responsibility to plan lessons or support teachers in lesson planning in Mathematics and Science, you must take a deep look at Gooru Learning is free and something I heard a great deal about at the Idaho Superintendents meeting earlier this week.  To look deeply, ou must register (for free). Amazing intellectual […]

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Kids pushing us into the future~

Good morning–headed from chilly Philly to sunny St. Augustine, after a great dinner meeting with Philadelphia school superintendent Dr. Lee Nunery and former Chicago schools chief Ron Huberman.  It is interesting and quite appalling to learn how so many educators are working hard to fix structural deficits (as Nunery currently faces and Huberman faced previously […]

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IMSA Design Charrette

On December 3, 2011, I had the privilege of facilitating the first ever Design Charrette for the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy–a residential school for scholarly high school students.  The Design Charrette served to work-out intense plans and strategies for the future growth and accelerated impact IMSA is to have on students, teachers, and our whole […]

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How High Schoolers See the World

Even though we seem to be making much ground attitudinally regarding seriousness in preparing high school graduates for college and career readiness, we have much to do. Our academic and other gaps remain. Look for example at this young man’s view. HELLO?! Can someone step up and help this family determine how to shop and […]

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Coaching Behaviors

Coaching behaviors, when most effective, are most akin to teaching behaviors. Teachers have not always had someone to help them think about the manner in which they communicate with students, or even to “walk beside them” in the practice. Only recently have coaches entered classrooms for the focused purpose of enhancing behaviors that drive student […]

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President Obama and Governor Jeb Bush in Miami

It was a pleasure to follow the press on President Obama, Governor Jeb Bush, Secretary Arne Duncan, and FL education commissioner Eric Smith attending together an event to celebrate the progress of Miami Central High School in recent years.  This gives me great hope that there is mounting sincerity in accelerating the work we do […]

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