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Won’t Back Down

Wow-it is a must see movie!  Won’t Back Down effectively paints the struggle between the traditional school system and charter/choice ideologies.  I would alter your schedule and see this movie as soon as possible.  Whether you have children in the American preK-12 school system (or…

Dirty Little Poor Kids?! OMG!

Today one of my clients told me that she just read in a school improvement plan developed and submitted by a school principal that under the category “concerns”  the following: Due to the increase of free-and-reduced-lunch students, our school has become cleanliness challenged.  We…

2010 Illinois Superintendents Preparation Academy

Applications have been reviewed and later this week, we will announce the two 2010 (inaugural) cohorts of the Illinois Superintendents Academy. Applicants were considered from many school districts and charter schools from all parts of the great state of Illinois. We are excited to…

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