Instructional Coaches–Separating the What from the How for your Teachers

MEMO TO:  Instructional Coaches, Teacher Leaders, Mentors, Administrators In our meta analysis of more than 430 studies that led to Power of Teaching–the Science of the Art, we learned a simple distinction that can make a powerful difference in your time spent coaching and collaborating with teachers. Separate the WHAT from the HOW. In this […]

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The Role of Specials and Student Services Educators in College and Career Ready Focused Schools

A team of writers has assisted me in documenting some phenomenal work by a group of Music, Art, Physical Education, and other Specials teachers and staff on how their classroom work can best link to the work of core-content teachers.  Find a copy of the article at link: My congratulations and appreciation to these […]

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The Education “BLOB”

During the Reagan administration, then U.S. education secretary Bill Bennett referred to the independent and collective forces of school superintendents, schools boards, and district staff as the Education “BLOB” in a national op-ed.  While the term is offensive to some, his message has merit.  Oft times, school superintendents and their school boards and their central […]

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