Some Resources to Intervene on Bullying in Schools

Our colleagues at Distinctive Schools continue to share important resources for the work we all do.  Here are some great informational pieces from NEA on Bullying (from NEA’s Bully Free Website):

How to Intervene in a Bullying 


How to Identify Bullying-


Confronting the Bullies-


Harassment or Bullying of GLBT Students- Students.html

Newer Teachers Appear on-board

In the Teach Plus survey, published in October 2012, more than half of teachers surveyed with fewer than 11 years in teaching agree with these themes:

1.  student growth data should be part of teacher evaluation

2.  student growth data should be 20% or more of teacher evaluation

3.  changing compensation and tenure system for higher salaries

A majority of teachers with 11 or more years experience disagreed with these themes. They did, however, agree with the importance of licensure tests to screen for necessary teaching skills.

It seems to me that the more-tenured teachers need to get on on-board with their less-experienced counterparts.  It would be interesting to know the degree to which teacher preparation programs and unions influence these perceptions.

Link to a summary page of the survey is:

The Role of Specials and Student Services Educators in College and Career Ready Focused Schools

A team of writers has assisted me in documenting some phenomenal work by a group of Music, Art, Physical Education, and other Specials teachers and staff on how their classroom work can best link to the work of core-content teachers.  Find a copy of the article at link:

My congratulations and appreciation to these teachers and staff members and to co-authors Scott Frauenheim, Karin Breo, and Rob Betz for help is preparing the article. Verbatim comments from participating teachers can also be found at link:

In these times when the important work and roles of Music, Art and other “Specials” area teachers are becoming increasingly under-valued and harder to fund, this article may also prove useful to you for advocacy purposes.  Feel free to share as you see fit.


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